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Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 9: Building a Better Breakmark Drill


Sometimes one gets lucky with youtube’s automatic thumbnails…


– Ensuring the incentives in your drill are correctly set will help your players develop faster and help them transition their skills onto the field quicker.

– Here is the breakmark drill as referenced in the video (thanks to for all their work). The concept should be applicable to other breakmark drills.

– You can obviously vary this drill to your players’ needs. You can allow high releases, run it in different wind directions, require markers to mark close or practice stepping off; change the cut distance, etc.

– As in this video, when doing a drill to work on a given skill, I rebuild the skill in the new drill context. This has proven much more effective in building good habits and improving the learning curve. I’ll have some more advice on moving skills to gameplay coming up in the future.




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