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Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 8: The Marker Thrower Duality


Note to self: Use the word ‘more’ more…and keep saying ‘the other thing is….’

Video Notes:

1. Win the physical, mental, and psychological battle for angles and space in the marker-thrower duality. Don’t let yourself be pushed, moved, or intimidated into a compromised position.

2. Prioritize improving how quickly one can get to an extended release point while maintaining balance.

3. Just as with cutting, the thrower can utilize a number of distinct advantages:

– You have more information about what is occurring on the field and where you want to throw the disc (assuming you develop good vision, calmness of mind, etc.) The sidelines will likely be communicating to the marker, but you should still be able to stay ahead in the information war.

– The marker must react to your movements

– Position yourself and develop skills such that you have multiple possibilities for attacking the breakmark side of the field. This includes everything from agility, balance, strength endurance, understanding angles, healthy body mobility, standing in an athletic stance, different release points, etc. Work to maintain breakmark options that are in opposition (high and low release points, invert and around break angles).

4. Learn to fully enunciate, discuss, and interpret the marking/throwing related rules. It is your responsibility as a player and is to your distinct advantage as a thrower.

Next up, how to coach breakmark skill development by changing the incentives and goals in breakmark drills.




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