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Posted by on Sep 3, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 5: Intro to Breakmark Angles


Major points to keep in the forefront of your ultimate brain:

1. It is often beneficial to square up to the ‘space’ you want to throw to – not the stack, not the field, not the cutter…. This can be (probably should be) a dynamic movement (i.e. you start square to a vertical stack, then as you look to break mark you square up to the breakmark space behind the marker). Obviously if one doesn’t want to tip off the marker, one needs to be able to see the whole field and move quickly to throw in any direction. This is a big reason why position, balance, smooth motion, and quickness are important for throwing in ultimate (and particularly for breaking the mark).

2. While fakes, ‘trick’ throws, and the ability to put a good amount of ’tilt’ (‘inside out’ or ‘outside in’) on the disc are beneficial; these are not the primary tools of most breakmark throwers. I’ll be talking more about breaking the mark in the near future. For the moment, make sure you understand this example of how angles play a role. As mentioned in this video, here are two diagrams representing the ‘overhead view’ of the two situations I demonstrate.

breakmark angle final 1

Tough breakmark angle

breakmark angle final 2

Better breakmark angle











1. No drill (‘workout’) this week?

– I needed to put some more theory out there as we move forward to maintain a certain amount of context. I’d recommend you hit one of the previous drills (‘workouts’): 25s, faking by yourself, brady’s box, etc. These foundational drills should be done somewhat regularly as maintenance if you are an experienced thrower, or regularly to help your skill growth if you are a beginning thrower. More drills, workouts, games soon.