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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 4: 25s

Note: Steadier camera work and talking directly at camera…success!! – so of course we end up getting wind….damn…

Why should I do this?

  • Helps analyze throwing technique errors and weak points (Bootleg’s unprompted grip change issue in the video, for example)
  • Helps you develop low release throws and fakes
  • Helps develop touch on your throws via wrist dominant motion and low release point
  • General fitness and mobility
  • Work on catching with your non-throwing hand
  • Work on keeping pivot foot planted (don’t travel)

How many of these should I do?

  • 25 can be a lot if you do it right (make sure the segmented framework is slow: pause at bottom position before you throw, freeze for a second after you release, then stand up). I would start with fewer then 25 and see how your body responds (get at if you have any movement issues or chronic tissue/joint pain)
  • You can vary how many segmented throws (framework 1, the first part of the video) you do and how many smooth (framework 2) throws you do. Just adjust based on where your skill level is at or what your focus is.
  • Video tape yourself. It really can make a big difference in spotting issues. Compare to top throwers or send it my way and I’ll take a look.


1. Do lunges with my non-throwing leg?

– Talk to Tim about asymmetry.