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Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 4 comments

Skill WOW 3: Brady’s Box Drill

Note: Last video of our first taping session, better AV coming soon…

Some setup notes:

  • Setup 4 ‘cones’ about 8 yards apart (can be larger for slower release throws, longer strides, etc.)
  • Recommend starting at a slow pace to work on technique and to warm up (and have someone watch you or videotape yourself to check you are not travelling if you really try to speed up the release)

Why should I do this?

  • Work on throwing and going (give and go’s)
  • Work on speeding up the time it takes you to go from catching to your release
  • General warm up, fitness, mobility work
  • Done at full speed, this can be a great interval workout (alternate with another pair of teammates!)
  • Can expand the box size to accommodate lower release throws and expand the cutting distance



1. Why don’t you look at the camera?

– Honestly, staring off into the distance or the ground seems to help me think / remember (ask anyone who knows me)…but I should have it down better next time. Also, I don’t like you very much…so there is that.

2. Where is the ‘What is a good fake? How to look like a dangerous thrower video?’

– Coming soon, some brief life delays…