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Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 2: Fake by yourself

Note: Still haven’t shot new videos with a more stable camera approach…

Why should I do this?

  • It is one of the core drills that enabled me to become an elite thrower, presumably that interests you.
  • When we look at other skill development areas in sport we find players often work without the ‘ball’ (pitchers working on their delivery, golfers working on their swing, etc.). Somehow, very few ultimate players seem to ever work on throws without ‘throwing’.
  • General warm up, fitness, mobility work
  • Work on visualization and progressing through a series of ‘looks’ as one might do in a given situation on the field (coaches and captains could program these progressions for each player role in their team offensive strategy)



1. What is a ‘good fake’?

– I’ll have a video up later this week answering this commonly asked question. In the meantime, I suggest finding video of a player(s) you wish to emulate and try to mimic their movements and fakes.



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