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Posted by on Jan 5, 2014 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 14: Cu(r)es for Common Huck Issues


There is a fair amount of information online about how to throw well. I’m hoping to add some cues to help coaches and players troubleshoot common throwing problems, bad habits, etc. These cues and tips are also, obviously, useful concepts for players to grasp before they develop bad form.

Three coaching cues for hucks:

1. Freeze after release to verify form/position and help train the thrower to keep their bodyweight over their lunge (instead of the dreaded ‘standing up follow thru‘)

2. ‘Work from the other side of the problem’ to correct constant OI hucks. Have throwers work from excessive IO and slowly ‘flatten’ their release angle towards an optimum (10-20% IO) angle. This will also help tremendously when a thrower needs to learn to huck into heavy winds.

3. Remember you are throwing a lightweight flying disc, most of the distance will come from throwing the disc well and with proper form / motion. Then you can work on adding power (via more disc spin, speeding up your motion, better translation of power from legs through core to arm through wrist to disc, etc.). You should work on building up throwing distance without sacrificing form, while also challenging your thrower’s current capacity (if you are looking for good tips on how to manage this variance to maximize skill development, I recommend checking out The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. Check out “Part Two: Improving Skills” where he discusses how to find the ‘sweet spot’ for skill development.)

You can find plenty of info online discussing technique for good hucking form (including this piece by Parker Krug from ‘The Huddle’ which also discusses the need for an inside out (IO) release point and how that translates to being a better upwind backhand thrower). And stay tuned to Benji’s wonderful blog as he should have some good data on throwing soon due to the work he is doing.

Recent podcast mentioned in video – UTalkRaw #29:


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