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Posted by on Nov 23, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 2 comments

Skill WOW 12: Position Redux



  •  I say ‘posture’ once or twice in the video when I mean ‘position’. Not surprised my subconscious is ‘speaking’ posture all the time (because I really need to work on my posture….). As an aside, work on your posture! We are a generation spending way too much time hunched over screens, sitting, and sedentary.
  • If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the ‘tunnel’ (trademark concept or how it applies, think of it in the following light:
    • In this example of OchoCincoChadJohnsonWhatever cutting from this /r/ultimate thread:
      • #85 starts in a good starting position (as you should before throwing or pivoting). He then executes a sprint forward (analogous to a lunge/pivot to low release backhand in our example). He then turns and accelerates back from where he came (fake backhand and pivot back to forehand). If he doesn’t decelerate and turn properly, or is in a compromised position before turning…we know it will affect how fast he can turn and his acceleration afterwards (along with increasing the risk for injury). Similarly (as I try to indicate in the video), if you want to throw a low release backhand and then accelerate for a give and go, or if you want to fake a low release backhand and pivot in the other direction; your ability to do so safely, efficiently, and effectively is dictated by how you finish in the bottom position of your release/fake.