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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 11: Throwback Give and Go


In this demo of Brady’s box we work exclusively on the ‘throwback’ part of what I like to call throwback give and gos. Here are several clips of this being utilized in high level ultimate (you will find many teams utilizing this movement).

In the first clip you will see this run by Nexgen with the thrower starting in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

In the second clip the thrower also starts in the upper right of the screen. In this case, Gibson doesn’t even act like he might throw the swing pass as his defender is already cutting off the break side, giving Gibson the step he desires going upline. You can run Brady’s Box with differing degrees of fakes as well (which Aidan and I demonstrate to some extent).

In this final clip, we see Doublewide running Throwbacks on the left hand side of the screen. In the first instance, the ‘give and go upline’ cut comes out of the front of the stack. In the second interation, the Throwback is a ‘true’ give and go.

This week’s video WOW was meant to show the extent to which one can utilize small 2-3 person drills to work on developing particular skills and movements that occur regularly in gameplay. The advantages to doing this in 2 person drills such as Brady’s Box are:

– More touches per player in a given period of time

– The ability to run the drill at different speeds depending on the individual pair of players’ skill level

– A higher level of physical fitness demand then many larger drills, allowing players to practice the skill while ‘tired’

– Can be done outside of practice in small groups, enabling groups of players to improve quicker then ‘just tossing’


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