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Posted by on Nov 3, 2013 in Skill WOW | 0 comments

Skill WOW 10: Brady’s Box Redux


Important Note: Aidan’s movements in this drill (from catching to throwing) are not optimal as I did a poor job in prepping him (i.e. I didn’t prep him at all). Also, we were being attacked by mosquitos. Also, also, he was probably trying to stay in frame. Also, also, also, my throwing accuracy/timing left something to be desired. 


– The main goal here is to work on a smooth transition from receiving the disc into a low release throwing motion. Then, work on making that transition faster and faster.

– The box size and speed of the participants can be adjusted to help improve technique or to challenge the consistency and speed of the throws in question.

– Moving from receiving momentum into a throwing motion is a habit that almost all top level throwers have (and cultivate). This is not to say it is always necessary to fake the swing pass with a low release motion, or to fake at all. However, it is always easier to scale back from this habit then to try and add that skill when you need it.

– The same ‘fake/throw with momentum habit’ applies to catching upline passes (i.e. fake huck to get the marker to strike) and plenty of other situations. Practicing using your momentum to go into the throwing motion every time you catch the disc it is a good goal for developing ultimate players.

Additional clips:

Some examples (you can find plenty others online) where using your momentum moves defenders to allow other throws and to help cutters get open. Thanks to the boys in blue red for the great (and useful) highlight video.

Mike Shiel receives crossfield hammer and demonstrates that sometimes just a slight backhand lean is enough to move a defender (and allow him to get off a crossfield inside out flick huck)

Goose (not this one, this one) and TK (white hat cutting onto screen from the right) demonstrate how to get a downfield defender (#3 – middle of the field) to lean a step too far back towards the disc. Goose not only sets up his backhand huck with this motion, but helps TK get extra separation deep.

Sheehan (cutting to the sideline for the layout grab) demonstrates how using a dump fake (forehand in this case) can help your teammate get open upline (to #22 on Sockeye’s post goal anger).

While the cutters above also got open through good cutting technique and athleticism, the throwers really help these plays develop. This matters even more at the highest level when getting a defender to take one step too many or pause for a split second is enough to make the difference.



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