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We all had to start somewhere...

We all had to start somewhere…

I guess (due to photographic evidence) it all started with a frisbee when I was quite young (thanks dad!). However, it was a random gym class period in high school when I played my first ‘game’ of ‘ultimate’. As this was the early 90s in Michigan, we were playing with primitive rules (‘you are only allowed three steps’, ‘you can’t run with it’, etc.). We also were playing with an Aerobie and it was 11 on 11 on a football field (we were way ahead of the pro leagues with larger field sizes). I can’t remember much except that it probably looked like youth soccer (everyone chasing the ball (disc)), and that at some point the disc ended up on top of a small field house and I climbed up to get it.

What I do remember is seeing a game of ultimate during orientation in the fall of my first year at Oberlin College. I ditched whatever ‘get to know you game’ was being played in the quad and joined in. I ended up having a few friends in my dorm who joined the team that semester, and I would throw with them now and then. I really got hooked spring semester when I started going to practices and tournaments regularly….thus began my ultimate addiction.

I was fortunate enough to play on some talented Oberlin squads – attending college nationals twice during my career. This was back in the days when the Central region was Kansas to Minnesota, Colorado to Kentucky (I know some of you have tried to block that geography out of your mind due to years of transportation nightmares).

brady explains defense

After college I began an on and off club career in Chicago. I started out by playing a club season with the top open team, ‘Z’ (though my rookie season saw limited action after an injury). The following season I took more of a break from ultimate and ended up playing with some friends for the club series. Desiring a new direction, I started a team called Union Crew with a group of young, like minded players. We learned a lot and had some competitive streaks in our three years, but could not finish higher then quarters at regionals.

You'd think after playing for over a decade I'd have a better face for the cameras when giving up a step too much to the break side on DGP.

You’d think after playing for over a decade I’d have a better face for the cameras when giving up a step too much to the break side on DGP.

In 2003 I rejoined the top team in Chicago (Machine) as a player, and then captained the squad in 2004. After ‘retiring’ from ultimate in November 2006, I played coed disc for a year in Beijing. Somehow I managed to pull off the highly-coveted, back to back, trans-pacific summer league championships (Beijing summer league champion 2007, Chicago Summer league co-champions 2008 (Though I was coaching Machine most of the tournament and the finals were canceled due to weather).

I rejoined Chicago Machine (this time as coach) for the 2008 and 2009 seasons and decided to return to tournament play by giving some game to the Masters Division with Real Huck 2011 and Wasted Talent 2012. Most recently, I have been coaching and consulting with DIII teams.