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Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Commentary | 0 comments

25 Cheers for 25 Ultimate Tips

25 Cheers for 25 Ultimate Tips


When i started making my skill videos a few months back, Melissa Witmer was kind enough to reach out and pass along some encouraging words. She also was kind enough to ask me to submit a tip for her 25 ultimate tips email service.

I thought the concept for 25 tips (concise, easily digestible pieces of ultimate advice from a range of sources on a range of topics) was solid, so I signed up for the tips myself.

For those of you who don’t know about Melissa and her work, you should really check out the content she produces. She has published a lot of great, free information (written, filmed, etc.) about her own experiences in the sport, practical training advice, and theories on improving one’s performance. Melissa is a NCSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and an experienced ultimate player, and she blends those two backgrounds well in the information she provides. She also has some very promising products available which I plan to review in the future. To show the breadth of some of the content Melissa provides, here is one video she put out with 2013 Women’s National Champions, D.C. Scandal, presenting a defensive positioning drill:



The 25 tips ended up being really great and concise reads. I am the type of person who purges his email of less effective or overly ‘sales pitchy’ information. Melissa’s tips provided a great way to get regular advice that one can immediately process and implement.

The most recent tip I received, as an example, was a great piece by David Barkan, CEO of Ultimate Peace.  He had a well written summary on how to keep a teammate from losing their cool. Not only is that important as a coach, captain, or team leader; it is generally a good strategy in helping resolve on field disputes (as emotionally ‘hot’ reactions tend to cause opponents to defend their opinion more vigorously and defiantly.).

Give Melissa’s 25 ultimate email tips a shot, I highly recommend signing up (it’s free, and it’s easy to unsubscribe). And make sure to check out her main website (which links to all her products), her facebook page, and her youtube channel.