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Posted by on Aug 3, 2013 in Featured, Skill WOW | 5 comments

Skill WOW 1: Can you get into a good position?


Note to self: Speak and look at camera

Also note to self: Less shaky video

Why should I do this?

  • General fitness and health (balance, proprioception, coordination, stamina, flexibility, etc.)
  • Stability and dynamic movement ability at end range of lunge 2:07
  • Identifying limits (or discomfort, pain, restrictions, impingements) in your movement patterns 4:06
  • Injury prevention
  • Along with some other upcoming Skill WOW drills, working on low release throws and at end range will give you a paradigm to focus on your wrist and forearm development 2:47
  • Working in extended ranges of motion should make the thrower more comfortable in middle ranges
  • Stamina for throwing consistency and ensuring you have a stable base from which to throw from 5:40

What should I do?

  • We have a follow up video that demos this WOW here. As mentioned on a few occasions, this WOW is a lot about theory and ‘why’ it is important to practice movements like this regularly. More drills will be coming soon.
  • Work on this as part of your warm up, before workouts, between fitness intervals, and as needed to check your balance and comfort level in these positions and with these movements.


Starting forehand tutorial via Brodie

Starting backhand tutorial via Brodie

Mobility WOD

Morrill Performance


1. “You and Odi both have your right feet turned outwards when you throw low release forehands on the video, is this what you recommend?”

– I actually threw with a more foot forward stance for most of my career and was able to be a breakmark thrower at the elite level. I recently (without giving it much thought) adjusted to a more foot out stance with an externally rotated hip. I still have my foot pointed more forward for many of my throws (hucks, for example). There has been some commentary about this issue online. Brodie (I believe) has stated he thinks the foot out stance is a problem and a predictor of knee injury (including possibly his own knee injury). I read somewhere that Tim Morrill was not as convinced as Brodie that it is an issue. I tend to trust Tim’s take on things. I feel this position is fine IF you have the ability to ‘get into the correct position’ and move fluidly through the full range of motion. Obviously, no position is ‘safe’ if you are unable to correctly and fully express it. That being said, I’ll leave the biomechanics to the professionals.  I would say that if you are already throwing in the more traditional foot forward stance, I don’t feel you need to change to be successful.


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